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Work Life Balance

5 Reasons why you should maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance:

  1. Maintain your mental health

It’s unfortunate that not all employers place enough importance on mental health in the workplace.

But the topic is prevalent at the minute, as studies show the dangers and risks that could lead to a variety of issues, from stress-related illnesses to depression.

A very common issue that you may have heard about is burnout. This occurs when immense pressure is put onto a person, culminating in “chronic stress.”

That stress could be caused by a variety of things, from outrageous workloads (and no work-life balance) to simply not feeling valued for the hard work you do.

If you do notice that you have been acting out of character lately then it may be time to start assessing your work-life balance or speaking to a professional.


2. Ensure your physical health and well-being

And, as the old adage says: healthy body, healthy mind… so a great way to maintain your mental health is to ensure that you are physically feeling healthy too.

That includes regular exercise and eating healthy but also not overdoing it at work!

Perhaps money can buy happiness in certain circumstances, but if you spend all of your time working or thinking about work then it’s more than likely that it won’t. (Yes, there are some exceptions obviously).

Worse still, the stress caused from such a lifestyle can lead to other physical issues like high blood pressure and heart disease. It’s just not worth it.


    3. Increase your productivity

Your company wants employees who are hard-working and productive.

And staying for unnecessarily long hours at the office might make you feel like you are contributing a lot to the office; however, the quality of work is probably worse… making the effort much less productive.

Studies reveal that those who maintain a steady work-life balance are much more productive than those who do not. A positive way of life automatically leads to amazing results.


    4. Become a more rounded individual

If your life revolves around work, then you lose a lot of the other positive dimensions that make you attractive to employers (and other people).

Having interests outside of work will increase and improve your skills and make you a more rounded and interesting individual.

You’ll be able to share those experiences and knowledge with other people.

This is seriously something that employers look for. That’s why you need to include a hobbies section on your CV and that’s why they ask what you enjoy doing in your spare time.


    5. You only get one life!

You only get one life, so live it to the fullest.

(Whatever happiness means to you, chase it).

You don’t want to get years down the line and realize you missed out; time is something you can never get back.

(If work is that thing, then fill your boots. Just be sure).

Hope Tocci