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Using a recruiter will ultimately save more money than it costs. The commitment of time and resources necessary for a company or firm to do a search on its own amounts to the most basic kind of business expense. An experienced legal recruiter takes many of those time and resource issues off your hands. In a typical search, we may present only 6 or 7 candidates for consideration. A significant reduction in time will occur in a client’s sourcing, evaluating and interviewing candidates.

When you hire Alchemy Legal you will obtain access to our database and our many years of experience. We will work to search out and pre-screen highly qualified candidates who meet your specifications, no matter how stringent. When we present these candidates to you we will highlight and rate whichever specific details or characteristics matter most to your search. We will check references when asked coordinate scheduling, help negotiate thorny or delicate issues, and generally make sure that no misunderstandings crop up that might unnecessarily derail the process. In the end, Alchemy Legal will do everything we can to insure that our client ultimately hires the attorney that best matches its needs because failing to do that can result in the worst kind of expense.